Park Improvements


Many of our pads on F St. were redone with fresh concrete.  Sod was laid and it was watered all season to help establish its growth.  They look very inviting as you drive down the street.  A new concrete pad was also added in the RV section.   Our streets were redone at the first of the season.  Repairs were needed after the rainy season of last year.  Mr. Shannon also brought in a  new spec manufactured  home.  It is set up on a site for display to purchase.


As well as adding the Garden Club this year, we have also added Darts.  Our Canadians asked for it to be added.   The Activity Board bought 2 nice dart boards and added it to the schedule.  Other things added to the schedule this year was, Veterans Day Breakfast, Super Bowl Party, Farewell Potato Bake.  Many outside trips were scheduled.

We have also made improvements in communications within the park.  As this is a 55+ park we have to learn different creative ways to keep the residents up on current activities and changes.  We have always had a  monthly newsletter with all current activities, entertainment and any changes.  Many hang them on their frig.  We have also used the Facebook page much more for the people who are computer users.  We post activity changes and pictures of social events.  It is useful for issues that need to be addressed immediately, as water outages, cancellations, or a delay in activity, such as the Vegetable Man.  We have also put up a white board in the main hall by the office.  I post special activities and dates to remember for Mon – Sun of the current week.  Some people can only retain that much info and it also reminds those who forget.  Everyone loves it so much and has commented that they need  it to remind them of certain dates.  We have now added a white board at the other hall for the next season for the people who don’t visit the main hall.

It was all made possible by adding the position of the Event Co-ordinator.  This position is very important to a park as well as the whole Valley.  It gives the residents a list of scheduled activities they can choose to participate in.  It also gives them plenty of trips and activities to do outside of the park.  It enhances their stay as Winter Texans.  They learn about the Rio Grande Valley and all it has to offer for education and fun.  This in return contributes towards the economy of the Valley.  As they all head back north and home, all these wonderful, fun moments can be shared with family and friends.   Hopefully this will attract more people and we can reverse the downward cycle the Valley is in today.



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