Park Beautification

Many improvements have been made during this season.  The entire front of our park is enclosed with a fence.  It was repaired and painted a Terra Cotta.  We formed a Garden Club also this year.  Its main purpose was to beautify the park taking on a project at a time.  We started with the flower beds at the entrance.  They were neglected and full of aloe and cactus.  With the help from the Management, and the Workampers, the stone edgers were repaired and the sign for Eastgate was raised.  The city had put in a walking /biking path across the front between the park and the street. It was dangerous exiting the park as the sign was blocking the view.  New lights were also installed on the sign.  We went to Grimsells Gardening Center  and obtained a plan for planting.  We raised money by holding several plant sales, and after planting one side, Mr. Shannon gave us the money for the other side.  We now have a very pretty entrance.





The new walking/biking path, the freshly painted terra cotta fence, and the flower beds with beautiful plants that will thrive and flower. We can now safely exit the park on to the main city street and have a good view of the walking/biking path.


Entrance view….and the walking/biking path….


Also on schedule is the resurfacing of the pool this summer.  It has to be drained and shut down, therefore, it is planned at the low occupancy  time of year.

It has been an Awesome year.  Many friendships were formed.  Many friendships were strengthened……All Agree

…..Eastgate Has To Be The Friendliest Park In The Rio Grande Valley……


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