Promoting Our Park

Our Park has been around 93 percent full this year.  Many are returning Winter Texans, but many are also new.  We have been able to keep many of our Canadians friends and also attract many more first timers.   Much of this is due to Mr. Shannon.  He has lowered the rates for the park for the first timers and for the Canadians, offering them at Par.  He realizes that the economy of Winter Texans is a factor in their ability to travel and winter away from home.  (document 3)


He is doing his best to enable the return of the old Winter Texans, as well as trying to attract new ones.  The Rio Grande Valley is losing many of the Northerners. The economy and population are declining.  He is willing to lose some of his profit to try to help the Valley turn this trend around.

We also hosted our First Veterans Day Breakfast.

It was a Wonderful Success.  One of the residents donated 9 lap blankets for a drawing.  We sent an article to the Welcome Home paper and it was published.  (document 4)

We also hosted a Baby Shower.


The residents brought beautiful gifts and had a wonderful time.  The shower gifts were donated to the St. Anthony Gabril Project to be distributed by them to mothers in need.  They were so appreciative and sent a Thank You note. (document 5)  It was also published in the Winter Texan.  (document 6)  We also had several articles published about our residents.  One of our residents were at Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge, riding their bicycles and were interviewed.  It was published in the Valley Morning Star News. (document 7)

Shirley Gingerich, an Eastgate resident,  was called on the phone, while she was here, by her hometown newspaper in Illinois and was interviewed.  This article was a full page add published in the News Tribune in LaSalle Illinois. (document 8)

All in all, we’ve had a great year of participation from different newspapers.  We would post them up on the bulletin board for all to see.


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