Learning Opportunities

When presented the opportunity for this job, I told them I had no training.  Mr. Shannon, and the rest of the management have given me all the help and backing that I needed or asked for.  The Managers have been working with me as to the needs of the park.  Our goals are all the same.   Give the residents the chance to join in a variety of activities with in the park.  Offer outings in the Rio Grande Valley that are fun, exciting, and easily affordable.   Offer giveaways at some events.  No matter how small, it means so much to them.  It promotes good will.  Celebrate the holidays as traditionally possible.  Make sure they have had the best time ever in our park.  We want the halls to be full of laughter.

In order to achieve these goals, I was able to attend several meetings. ” Welcome Home RGV”, is owned by Kristi Collier.   She has been such a huge asset to the Valley in promoting the area.  She has arranged many learning and special workshops including a Convention,  for all Activity Directors and or Managers.  It was full of information, and guidance.  Many vendors were there also.  I was able to  obtain many ideas on outings and fun things to do.  I also attended a workshop for Activity Directors.   Now this was very beneficial to me.   I learned about other parks, what their Directors did, what could work, what may not.  Generally I learned all parks are different.  All parks have their own political issues.  We had to form our own guide lines that would work for us.  Our limits are only our imagination.



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