Community Service

Many of our residents donate their time in the community.


Jo Wallace has been donating her time for years.  The last 3 years, she has been at Ronald McDonald House and the Ronald McDonald Family Room at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Harlingen.  She is a very compassionate person, who encourages everyone to volunteer.  An article was written about her and published in the Valley Morning Star.  (document 9)    Jo also donates her time within the park   She is happy to lock up both halls at 10:00 PM every nite.  We are very lucky to have someone who loves the park so much, that she is willing to do this every nite.  She feels, and we all feel so much safer and secure, knowing she has made her rounds and all is well.

Another person who loves to help others is Marg Hamburg.  She started with Food Pantry and is now volunteering at Loaves and Fishes.  (document 10) She collects clothes and anything to be given away,  from the residents.  The residents drop items off in the office. Marge picks up the items and delivers them every week when she does her volunteer time.  Another resident donates her time in the Pastoral department at the Hospital.

We also collected $300 from our Ice Cream Nite for Loaves and Fishes. (document 11)  Another resident did a gathering of food, clothing and children’s items.  She also did a 50/50 drawing at Bingo and donated all to The Center for Domestic Abuse Victims.  We also have taken donations for the Food Pantry.  (document 12) We arranged a Memorial for all who passed this last year.  This was also a first time Event.  It was a very special and moving  service.  In a community that is close, it is important to remember the residents and share memories and celebrate their life.  An offering was held.  The amount of $229. was given to American Heart Association (document 13) and also $229 to American Cancer Society.  (document 14) These are our leading causes of death in the US.

We also have others who volunteer  in the community, involved in nature and wildlife feedings in our preserves.  We also have several residents who are involved in tutoring programs at the local schools.   There are many ways for our residents to get involved in the community, and they do.  Within the park, during major holidays, we also deliver a holiday meals to the sick and shut ins.  This helps make their day a little brighter.


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