Memories for the Winter Texans


Life has been GREAT……I have been working with Mr. Shannon, Carolynn & Michael Fuller, property managers, Deb and Rick Vogel, site managers as well as the Activity Board.  Our goal is to provide the best time for all the guests in and outside of the park.  Experiences they can enjoy and take home to share the wonderful time they had at Eastgate and the Rio Grande Valley.  I feel my position is rather unique.  I am  a liaison between the residents, Activity Board and the Park Managers as well as Mr. Shannon, the owner.  As I listen to the residents, I hear their suggestions, and concerns and can pass them on and work with the management.  I report directly to Mr. Shannon, which helps make the chain from A-Z  much shorter and more accurate.


Many outside activities were added this year.   We had a Tour of the Marine Military Academy, and invited Gloria Bolin of the Iwa Jima Museum to give us a talk. There is so much history to learn about. (document 2)

2016-03-01 16.36.08


We went to Brownsville, and had a wonderful VIP Tour of Gladys Porter Zoo, and Texas Gulf Shrimp Boil.


For the ladies, we had a wonderful luncheon at Villa De Cortez in Weslaco, and a tour of the Villa after.  We also offered an overnite Gambling Trip to Eagle Pass with Go With Jo.  All activities were full to the max.  Everyone had such a good time.

tour directors bright (Small)

This was a great addition to the season.  We added several Segway Tours to the schedule.  Two tours in Harlingen and one on South Padre Island. These are just a few of the outside trips that were offered.

Within the park, the owner also provided a Super Bowl party this year, for the first time.  Plenty of food from Wings, shrimp, nachos, veggies and dip to a barrel of beer.  A surprise added to the party was gift cards and a Kindle to give away. We also added many other giveaways from the community.  Towards the end of the season, we provided them with a Farewell Potato Bake.  Thank You’s were given to all for making it a Wonderful Year, full of laughter and gaiety.  Mr Shannon also provided major resturant gift cards for drawings that they could use on the return trip home.  I compiled many pictures from the season and made a 10 minute Video complete with 3 pieces of music.   Entitled……”Memory’s”….. Many of them asked and were given a copy of the DVD.  They couldn’t wait to return home to show friends and family their Memories of the Winter Season as Winter Texans….This DVD has also been added to the packet. 



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